Weekly Schedule

EQ – Equipment Classes

Full Body Workout on the Original Pilates Equipment: Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Step Barrel.
Maximum 3 Participants

GR – Group Classes

An incredible variety of fun and effective classes for all needs and levels: Pilates Matwork, Booty Barre, Cardiolates, MOTR, Silk Suspension.
Maximum 10 Participants

FA – Full Academy

A Circuit Class that gets you experiencing all the Pilates Equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels) in one session. A unique and varied Full Body Workout!

WUP – Wake-Up Pilates

Start your day offering yourself the right energy boost on the Pilates Equipment! Wake your body up with the very best movement based exercise ever developed. Pilates gets your day straight!

CF – Core Fit

An Equipment Class dedicated to building strong and supportive Abdominal Muscles, Posture and Definition.

RCL – Red Carpet Legs

This workout focuses on shaping luscious legs: bring them to Red Carpet level!

TO – Tone & Open

An Equipment Class designed to fight the consequences that office life, smartphone addiction and long driving hours have on your neck and shoulders. Build stronger arms, improve your posture and put the upper-trap back to sleep!

ATR – Athletic Reformer

Take the game to the next level by improving your strength, power and agility through the Reformer. Get ready to sweat and have fun!

GYS – Get Your Sweat

Athletic and calories-burning class on the Equipment with Reformer Jump Board and suspended exercises on the Cadillac at a Cardio pace. This time Pilates makes you sweat!

PRN – Pre-Natal Pilates

A safe yet challenging class focused on Pelvic Floor awareness, Trimester-oriented strengthening exercises and Breathing drills. Getting strong and ready for your baby care.

LO – Ladies Only

A cosy pink Pilates parenthesis on the Equipment to meet your feminine devine.

CH – Pilates Chair

The most challenging and intense piece of Pilates Equipment will make you feel your muscles burn, for real!

MAT – Pilates Matwork

A dynamic and vigorous series of strength based exercises that will challenge your posture, core and flexibility at once. Performed on a mat and using only your body as resistance, this class will surprise you and make you sweat!

FCM – Fire Core Mat

Designed to take your Mat workout to the next level, this class will challenge your total body strength and maximize your stamina, definition and muscular endurance by using a variety of props (Magic circle, Foam Roller, Toning Balls). Warning, this class is not for beginners, or get ready to feel the burn!

BB – Booty Barre

Fun, energetic, workout that fuses traditional Barre exercise with Dance, Pilates, and Yoga to tone, define and chisel your entire body!

 – Cardiolates

Cardiolates® is an exciting exercise program which combines the cardiovascular and physiological benefits of Rebounding with the core strengthening and alignment principles of Pilates.
This Cardio-Pilates experience brings fat-burning and upright alignment training to your Pilates classes, together with a lot of fun!

MOTR – MOre Than a Roller

Designed to challenge the Pilates enthusiasts by bringing them “to the next level”, this class offers an incredibly diverse workout with unexpected balance, strength, cardio, agility and core exercises.

SS – Silk Suspension (Aerial Pilates)

This Suspension fitness program increases inner joint stability, improves core strength and encourages proper bio-mechanics for an amazing total body, core strengthening workout in the air!

BAC – Body Art Challenge

Body Art Challenge exercises focus on muscular harmony, flexibility, deep strength, breathing, control and flexibility. Every sequence is inspired to Dance and Yoga alignment, while Pilates offers the support to deep strength and resistance.