The P.A.I. Teacher Training Program

HOW you Teach is just as important as WHAT you Teach!

Pilates Academy International offers a full range of Pilates instructor training programs. Compared to the top leaders in the Pilates industry we pride ourselves in offering a flexible schedule giving you full focus on each individual Mat, Reformer or any other Apparatus courses to insure confidence as you pursue your passion.

Our program is designed in two separate modules. We start with the first 3 tier levels in the All Populations l courses continuing with the last 2 tier levels in the All Populations ll courses. This allows flexibility with your schedule and budget.
Additional workshops and special trainings including CARDIOLATES® are also available to any Pilates Academy International students.

The Core Curriculum

All courses provided by the Pilates Academy International will focus on the following:

  • Fundamental execution of each exercise
  • Anatomy and biomechanics of each exercise
  • Exercise modification skills
  • Cueing and correcting skills
  • Workout design skills
  • Transition skills
  • Progression skills

The Pilates Academy International upholds course requirements commensurate with other Pilates Teacher Training Programs around the world.
In order to become a fully trained Pilates instructor, over 200 Classroom Hours are required in addition to Personal Review, Practice Teaching and Observation Hours (table below).




Class Hours – A PAI manual will be provided for every course. ABP requires an additional text which the student is responsible for obtaining: “Trail Guide to the Body” Fifth Edition by Andrew Biel.

Students should dress in exercise clothing and wear socks, as they will be performing the exercises as they learn them.

Observation Hours – The student watches a class, private session, or videos. Taking class is not considered observation.

Practice Teaching – The student practices teaching the exercises on another person. PAI students may practice at the Pilates Academy for free for 3 months after the last day of the course, bringing in one practice body total. After 3 months, PAI students may practice for 60dhs/hr. ***Practice hours must be during off peak hours. Please check first with front desk to make sure there’s availability.***

Personal Study Hours – Student review the exercises on their own, studying design, breath patterns and muscles involved. Taking classes can be considered as personal study hours.
These suggested hours are to be logged and completed taking the certification test. The logs are turned in on the day of the test.

Once the students have finished the Practice Teaching, Observation and Personal Study hours they will take their Written and Practical Exam. They should be taking the Practical Exam first and Written right after and on the same day. There is a fee that goes with the exams.