Teacher Training Application

The ideal candidate for the P.A.I Teacher Training Program has experience in teaching Fitness, Yoga, Dance or other movement modalities and a strong desire to help others be the best they can be.

A background in Anatomy, Biomechanics and/or Kinesiology is also encouraged. But highly qualified fitness/Pilates enthusiasts willing to put in the work required should not exclude themselves from applying! If you are passionate about enabling people to move through life more freely, than you will most likely make a great Pilates Instructor!

How to apply for your PILATES TEACHER TRAINING

Students applying for admission into a course administered by Pilates Academy will need to fill out and submit by email the following documents:

  • Personal Resume (Curriculum Vitae)
  • 2 letters of Professional Recommendation
  • Evidence of Teaching Experience, if applicable
  • Personal Statement summarizing your intentions
  • 500 AED Deposit per course (refunded if you are not accepted)

Please include with your application a One Time AED 200 Processing Fee, which will be applied to your course fee once enrolled and confirmed. Please note that applications will not be reviewed until the deposit is submitted.

While students enrolling in courses administered by P.A.I. are not required to have previous Pilates experience, students with prior experience are able to progress much more quickly. Pilates Academy offers a Work-Study Program during weekends for all interested candidates.

The Pilates Academy International recognizes the content, reputation and integrity of other Pilates certification programs. If you are interested – or think you might be interested – in converting your certification to The Pilates Academy International’s certification, please contact us at info@pilatesacademydubai.com.