Meet our Trainers


Our Frenchie and core-strength addict, Marianne, has been working at the Pilates Academy since late 2015.

In her childhood and teenage years, Marianne competed in rhythmic gymnastics. Her intense training made her a coordinated mover but also sent her down the path of many injuries. In 2008, whilst a student in London, she discovered Pilates and began what she describes as an exciting (and ever ongoing) road to recovery.

Her Pilates mission is to educate people about how much harm they can do when training inappropriately, so they can excel at their own sports or simply enjoy the benefits of nurturing a healthier body.

Her areas of expertise are:
– Core-strength development – Whether you’re coming to her because of lower back pain, a gentle pouch you would like to get rid off, or numbness in your lower abdominals, she will find a way for you to reach your goals.
– Pre and Post-Natal Pilates – Marianne practiced and taught Pilates until the week 38 of her pregnancy, that is until her 2017-brewed baby boy was born. She has since designed classes and workshops that are tailored to help mamas and mums-to-be reach the fittest and happiest version of themselves.
– Pilates for scoliosis – Marianne completed a specific ScolioPilates training with Karena Thek in 2016.
– Knee, back & shoulder injuries – According to her, one of the benefits of having sustained a variety of injuries is the ability to help others rehabilitate their bodies.
– And if you’re not prone to injuries, try out her Red Carpet Legs and Core Fit classes. They tend to bring together the fittest ladies in town!

In the end of 2017, Marianne will be done with her training in Neuropilates and is hoping to bring this exciting discipline to the studio. In the studio, she can be found hiding in the office, (not so) secretly having chocolate.

Outside the studio, on top of listening to baby Adam giggle in the Marina, you can find her debating the latest international piece of news or having a good smoothie at Wild and the Moon in Al Quoz as she writes poetry.


Anisha is of Indian origin, raised between the GCC and Australia. Since a young age, her passion has been split between movement and science. By day she was hunched over in the lab, achieving her Master’s in Life Sciences. By night, she was bending over backwards as a dancer.

Thinking that balancing one extreme lifestyle with the opposite was a brilliant idea, she continued this practice into her professional years. To compensate for her stress at work, she added a vigorous gym routine which included pumping iron and boot camp workouts.

Over time, this lifestyle led to a life changing injury of three herniated discs in her cervical spine. Apart from the numbing pain, the worst part was the long list of activities that the doctor advised her not to do anymore unless she had surgery.

Determined to manage the problem, she met with several physiotherapists and was eventually introduced to Pilates! This was a magical key which unlocked a world of mobility and understanding of her body. By learning how to strengthen her muscles with correct form and alignment, she was finally liberated from the pain.

After having such a profound experience, she was inspired to share the benefits of the method and became a Stott Pilates Certified Instructor in 2015.

Her strength is improving people’s understanding of their bodies, and making them realize that they can live a life without pain. She is passionate about helping her clients feel muscles in their body they didn’t know exist and most importantly how to translate the principles of Pilates into their daily lives, from simple activities such as sitting, standing or walking or more complex activities such as playing a sport.

Her classes are designed to make you sweat and shake! When she’s not yelling out “Give me 5 more reps!” you will find her camping in the desert or looking for the newest restaurant or specialty coffee in town.


Born in 1981 in Bologna, Italy, Elena moved to Dubai in 2015 with her husband and her two kids.

Elena started ballet when she was 3 years old and continued to dance until 2009 when she became pregnant for the first time. She started performing professionally as a contemporary dancer when she was 15 and was introduced to the Pilates discipline as part of her training. She was amazed at how Pilates developed her strength and flexibility and the positive effect it had on her chronic back pain.

In Dubai, the Pilates Academy gave her the opportunity to turn her passion into a career. Her mission is to provide people with the tools to improve their lives by raising their body awareness. Elena loves the precision of movement that the Pilates equipment affords creating a dance-like movement with the springs and straps that is reflected in the body. She enjoys working with clients to help them push through their limits of pain and control, helping them to gain a freedom in their body.


Barbora came to Dubai from her home in Czech republic in 2007.

She discovered Pilates after a series of work related injuries in 2012 where she has made a full recovery after just a few months of training. Barbora became passionate about sharing her experience with others and eager to help people discover Pilates and its power. She has decided to change her career and pursue her dream to teach Pilates.

Stott certified and fully trained instructor, Barbora enjoys sharing her knowledge (and an occasional giggle) with her clients thus helping them achieve more controlled and mindful movement. She is fascinated by the complexity of the humam body and has recently discovered a desire to become more involved in manual therapy. Barbora is currently pursuing further certification in Neurokinetic therapy, Myofascial release techniques and Massage therapy.


Victoria has always been passionate about Dance and Fitness. From a young age she began taking classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz Dance and Modern Theatre and later qualified as a dance teacher in Jazz and Modern Theatre (Professional Teachers of Dancing).

Since moving to Dubai Victoria was inspired to find new innovative ways of training that challenged the body and discovered a love for Barre Pilates. She quickly became a Bootybarre certified instructor and strongly believes that the combination of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga is a perfect way to tone the body in an energetic class setting.

Having experienced injury as a result of dancing, Victoria became interested in rehabilitation and how Pilates can help restore the body. As such she became a STOTT Pilates Fully Certified Instructor. Victoria loves to pass her passion and education onto others to help people be the best they can be!