What You say about Us

Giulia, 31yo, Italian

Marketing Manager & Neck Pain Drama

“I think I’ve visited all the Orthopedics, Osteopaths, Physiotherapist of the UAE without finding a long-term solution for my neck pain. Then I heard about Cloe and her great job at Pilates Academy and to be honest… my life changed! She was able to fix my neck/shoulder issue in less than 5 sessions, but mainly she made me changing the way of approaching my body, my posture, my muscles. She has a solid scientific background and a strong knowledge of anatomy combined with a great passion for what she does and sparkling positive attitude. She has now become a trusty point of reference for my neck/shoulder issue and I would recommend her to all of you out there who are still looking to find the right solution for your chronic back/neck/shoulder pain.”

Dr. Pierdanilo Sanna, 46yo, Italian

Orthopedic Surgeon

“Often in my practice I face patients with chronic neck, back or shoulder pain. Frequently the real problem is a muscular fatigue leading to several compensation attitudes and imbalance culminating in postural defects. To treat these kind of problems, since 2015, I have had a very close professional and friendly collaboration with Cloe, very highly skilled Pilates Teacher and owner of Pilates Academy. Together, we build a specific global and individualized postural program, “tailor made” on the patient, mixing our different points of view and deciding about the right techniques to be adopted in order to reach the final balancing and harmonization of the patient’s musculoskeletal system. That means, after few Pilates sessions, relief of pain and patient satisfaction. Ambience, stunning view from the top of Dubai, huge spaces, cleanness are added values to this very well equipped center. And the globally positive feedback from patients is our greatest professional satisfaction. Brava Cloe.”

Francesca, 46yo, Italian

Executive Manager

“I started Pilates not out of my own choice, but because I had to: after suffering from a herniated disc, my orthopedic told me Pilates was very good to strengthen my core muscles to prevent additional episodes. So, as a good little soldier I followed the directions I had… And I discovered a new world! I met Cloe, who took me by the hand and walked me gently through this amazing universe of devices with strange names (Cadillac, reformer, barrel…), helping me recovering my hurting and super stiff back. It was not only extremely beneficial, but also super fun! Changing your whole body and giving you a new consciousness of how your muscles work and how you should carry yourself around during your daily routine. I suggest Pilates to everybody…and if you can have Cloe as a teacher, all the better!!!!”

Luigi, 69yo, Italian

Senior Energy Consultant

“Pilates Academy is a professional environment with a friendly and motivating approach. Cloe’s crisp and sparkling enthusiasm associated with a profound knowledge of anatomy is the power engine of the structure, which is the ideal place for everyone who wants to achieve a real physical wellness!!”

Sylvia, 30yo, French

Housewife, Mum of 5

“I started with Pilates after 4 pregnancies that left my body really weak and full of various pains. I experienced the benefits of Pilates after only a few sessions, in terms of posture, back pain and mind. What I really love about Pilates is that in each session you use every single muscle of your body. Cloe is truly aware of the anatomy of the body; her Pilates sessions are really useful and you never do the same things! So, you can’t get bored and you can always learn something new. Pilates Academy is a peaceful place, with lots of natural light. I can only recommend it to everybody (I even brought my husband and he experienced benefits from Pilates too).”

Andrew, 43yo, British

General Manager

“I discovered Pilates Academy thanks to my wife who drove me to start doing a new experience. Being my job very hectic with few free time for sport activities I found a high professional team led by the excellence of Cloe. After 6 months of regular classes I can feel the difference in my body which became much more flexible than It was 20 years ago!! I strongly recommend Pilates Academy to all the people who are looking for a different approach in enhancing not only their body but their mind performances as well.”

Annie, 35yo, German


“The best investment I ever made! I am now addicted to Pilates, it’s so good for the body and for the soul and Pilates Academy is far above the other studios in Dubai! All the instructors are awesome, truly professional, always smiling and very focused on the client’s needs. From the moment you step in, you feel positive energy and peace of mind, the atmosphere is so cozy. The studio is clean and well equipped and one of the stars of this place is Cloe!”

Martin, 54yo, French

Managing Director

“The first time I set in Pilates Academy I was suffering from back pain and shoulder post-surgery. Not only Cloe has helped me with by back and shoulder pain, but she worked hard with me to increase my core stability and improve my posture. I cannot recommend Cloe and her team strong enough for helping me achieving the best possible results. Pilates Academy is a hidden Jewel in Dubai.”

Hetaf, 27yo, Saudi

Yoga and Pilates Instructor, Studio Owner

“I attended most of Pilates Academy’s courses in 2018 and honestly I feel that i am now part of the PA family. Cloe is an amazing teacher full of knowledge and has the ability to deliver it in the simplest way. Her passion and love for what she does is reflected in every class or course she gives. She tries to encourage every student/ instructor and even her team members to become a better in what they do. Her positive vibes make every class joyful!
With her courses i became more aware of my posture, muscles and my body has never looked better!
Thank you Cloe for making all courses so interesting and much more fun! You are a star! Thanks to her dream team for making the whole experience better. You rock!”

Myriam, 51yo, South African

Housewife, Mum of 2

“JLT, 42nd floor. As the elevator takes you up you already feel as if you were rising into the sky, but when you enter Pilates Academy, your beliefs are confirmed: a fantastic view from a cozy, clean, well-lit, and spacious environment, and not to mention that it is equipped with all the machines necessary to properly perform this discipline – a “detail” which seems forgotten by almost every other studio in Dubai!
Both individual and group classes are always different and never have repetitive exercises. Under the expert and competent guidance of Cloe, you will experience rapid results and bring wellness and balance to body and mind.”

Giovanni, 43yo, Italian

Senior Manager

“My name is Giovanni, I am 43 and I am a Senior Manager for a large multinational company.
First, I have to admit that I approached Pilates with a very skeptical mindset as I thought of it as a womanish and boring physical activity. Nevertheless, the need and a brilliant Italian orthopedic based in Dubai brought me to Pilates for rehabilitation after I torn the ligaments of my left ankle. So, there I was.
It was November 2015 when I first entered the Pilates Academy studio. The equipment, which since then I came to call by name, made a stunning introduction to the world of this Pilates studio: everything looked so beautiful, tidy and clean. Even the view out of the windows made the experience so amazing. From the level of details, I could perceive the huge effort made to create such pleasant environment. But this was the physical ambient of the studio, very important I would say, but surely surprises were not finished.
The real surprise was actually the “Pilates lesson” and the quality of Cloe’s teaching. Each lesson was individual and unique not only in terms of adjusting it to my physical readiness and condition but also based on my emotional state. It’s impressive how Cloe makes the lesson a pleasant experience: not only she makes the flow of exercises looks continuous like they are made from a pre-defined sequence (which is not the case), but also she forces me to put huge attention to the correct use of each muscle. In other words, a physical and mind engaging experience. After every lesson I felt energized physically and emotionally. I felt new and full of accomplishment, eagerly waiting for the next lesson.
Moreover, having experienced lessons also with Elena and Marianne, I can also say that Pilates Academy Dubai is full of talented instructors. All different in the way they teach as they bring something of a personal touch to it, they are very professional, extremely knowledgeable about they do, and make lessons fun.
Cloe, Elena and Marianne are all very clever and talented young women, and very passionate about what they do. They make a great team!!!
I started with a package of 10 lessons to give it a try. Now, more than twelve months have passed since my first lesson, I am having my wife joining the classes with me, and I am happy to say that my skepticism has been replace by addiction.”

Julia, 32yo, Australian

Branch Manager

“What is Pilates Academy for me?
Not only a Pilates studio, where can I have some workout sessions, but it’s first of all a place calling home. Every time I open the door of the studio, I can see the laugh and the smile of Cloe, and everything else (stress or anger) goes away.
Pilates Academy is a place where I work on my body, in a safe way and without any fear, because my teacher knows me and my body perfectly, and she designs the best workout for me. In fact, in the past I was hit by a bus, and my back suffers nowadays.
I have tried many others Pilates center in town, but in the last 7 years practicing Pilates I have never seen good results as the ones I achieved at Pilates Academy. The workout is very strong, but that is the best way to reach my goals and improve not only my body but also my knowledge about it.
Pilates Academy is my sweetest moment of the day… the time that I decide to dedicate to myself, laugh, train and recharge my batteries. And Cloe is a prepared and careful teacher, not only on the movement side but also on the medical side, combine with passion and hearth.”

Valerio, 27yo (90 before I started), Italian

Software Engineer

“Amazing experience so far! I started because of several “problems” to my shoulder, knee and back, mainly due to my bad posture (yeah, I was a 27 years old guy in a body of a ninety :D).
But thanks to Cloè, who is doing an Amazing work following me step by step, I’m feeling much better now! And I’m talking about my whole body, not only shoulder, knee or back. And that’s amazing!
She is highly qualified, really good at explaining what you need to do, how and why. And you can clearly see she loves her work.
Every teacher in there is very skilled!
The Studio is very well equipped and you can really feel a nice atmosphere in it.
Thank you so much guys!”

Marion, 27yo, French-German

Personal Assistant

“I love Pilates Academy because it brought me exactly what I needed: a fun and effective workout! I’m not the sports type of girl but like everyone else, I like to stay in shape.
Pilates academy not only provides a complete set of Pilates machines that allows you to work on every single muscle your body has, but it also has the best teachers I have ever met.
Not once have I felt like I was not good enough. They support you no matter what and always encourage you to strive.
I miss every single day spent away from this place, and if it was up to me, I would go every day.
The place itself is a relaxing cocoon of joy, self-love and tolerance. I have never felt ashamed of being less fit than the other people in the room.
That’s the magic Pilates Academy does for me!”

Amin, 37yo, Egyptian

IT Manager

“I joined Pilates Academy because I wanted to gain flexibility for my martial art practice. I didn’t even know what Pilates was and when I’ve started my lessons with Cloe I was very surprised to see such a professional approach and knowledge of the human body.
I could discover and train muscles that I didn’t even know existed. After few months I definitely gained more flexibility and awareness of my body. I discovered a lot about my posture and what I should improve, and I am passionately working on it with the support of Pilates Academy.
The studio has a great relaxing atmosphere and all the trainers are very competent and make you feel at home.
I would definitely recommend Pilates Academy to everyone. Getting the most from our body is possible with Pilates and the Pilates Academy approach and professionalism.”

Paula, 57yo, Spanish


“Over a year ago, in a moment of particular stress and complication in my life, when my back and muscular pain were almost unmanageable, I decided for the third time in my life to take up Pilates. My first two experiences had done nothing for me, but the moment I stepped into Pilates Academy I knew that this time was going to be different. The studio is bright and welcoming, but the real secret is Cloe, the founder of the studio. Her profound knowledge of anatomy and her caring and passionate attitude have completely changed my back, my pain and my life. Cloe and the other teachers are always attentive, caring and passionate about their art – and their clients. My Pilates twice a week has become not only a fixed appointment, but also my moment of self-indulgence!!!”

George, 56yo, American

Senior Executive

“I had suffered from a chronic knee injury and I was undergoing extensive physiotherapy till I discovered the Pilates magic: it resolved my knee injury and I gave up the Physio. Pilates not only solved my knee problem but it has strengthened my whole body and enhanced my flexibility. Great ambience, super team of professional trainers guided by Cloe, she is the master and a lovely person!”

Allegra, 13yo, Italian


“At the beginning I didn’t have a clue what Pilates was and now … I love it.
I started coming to Pilates Academy because of scoliosis and knee pain, I thought it was going to be a bunch of machines and that’s it, but when I arrived and saw the studio it was amazing. Everyone was so sweet and welcoming and the studio was so bright, I loved it since the beginning. When I actually started working and doing all the exercises, it relaxed me. Now a few weeks have passed and my knees are in so much less pain and every day I can’t wait to go to Pilates, it has become a hobby for me. Not only it is helpful, but it’s also so much fun! I’m a bit addicted to it… Thanks Cloè for your kindness and sweetness Xxx.”